Laptop Power Jack Repair Info

Power Jack Repair more info:

  • Power jack repair were the first company in U.S. to offer dc jack repair service by mail in the year 2000, almost 20+ years later (2023) we still replace more dc power jacks sockets input ports connectors on laptop computers than anyone else in the world, and overall we replaced more dc jacks than any other company out there.  That means we have the most sound infrastructure to handle laptop dc power jack replacements.  After 2019 events there really isn’t anyone left out there, so our clients really have no choice.
  • All laptops are out of here by the end of the next business day after we receive them.  We try to get everything repaired the same day but, because of Chicago weather, sometimes we get laptops here at the end of the work day so these packages are out of here the next business day.
  • Power jack repair only charges you if the system works fine after the repair,  if it does not work fine after the repair don’t worry about it there are no diagnostic fees, bench fees, or any other sort of fees for trying to fix it.
  • Power jack repair specializes only in dc power jack repairs and nothing else.  As far as we know we are the only company that works exclusively on dc jack repairs.  All others are doing this kind of repair on the side.
  • 30 days money back guarantee, if you are unhappy with the repair within first 30 days we will give you the money back
  • Power jack repair price is all inclusive with no up selling, no upgrades and no surprises.  If we can’t make it work we don’t charge you anything.
  • Power jack repair has no fix equals no charge policy, we will give you your money back if we can’t fix it
  • Rather than fixing your old dc jack we ALWAYS replace it.
  • Power jack repair one of the largest distributor of DC Jacks in the U.S. We have dc jacks for every single laptop make and model.  If you want to do the work yourself you can simply buy the part from us from the following website:
  • The picture examples of some of our work could be found on facebook here or google just click on google plus icon on the bottom of the page.
  • Our power jack repair videos could be found on youtube here: 
  • We do work with school districts and computer shops using purchase orders, simply enclose your PO with the laptop in the box.

Walk in clients are welcome call before stopping by.

We understand that communication is extremely important for our clients, so when you call (847) 529 9441 someone WILL pick up the phone and will do everything possible to resolve whatever issue or concern you might have with our company.

Are there any extra charges?  There are NEVER any extra hidden fees or charges.    If we don’t fix your laptop for the price we advertise, you don’t pay anything.

Turn around times? All laptops are guaranteed to be out of here by the end of the next business day after we receive your laptop.  We provide the fastest turn around time in the industry, there isn’t a company out there that can match us, for the most part because we are the only company that specializes in dc jack repairs and nothing else and we are the largest supplier of jacks in U.S..

Do you have all parts in stock? We are the largest supplier of DC jacks in U.S. we have jacks for EVERY single laptop out there. If we don’t have a jack for your laptop, nobody else has it either.  We do sell dc jacks here:

How long does it take to replace a  DC power jack on my system? Average DC jack replacement job lasts about 1 hours.  All work is done the same day since we have all of the dc jacks in stock.

I live in Chicago land can I drop off my laptop? Yes you can drop off your laptop at the Fox Lake address 7 days a week, for maps look into contact us page. Generally you would be able to pick it up within 1 hours..

Do you need a password to get into my system? No, we do not need any of your passwords

Do you need my hard drive? We don’t need your hard drive. We encourage everyone to keep the hard at drive home.

Do I need to send an AC adapter?  To test out your system we would prefer to have your AC DC power adapter, however if you are missing an AC DC adapter we still can work on it and test out your computer using our adapters.  If your power plug adapter is broken, we will attempt to fix it or replace it at no extra charge.  We do not require but we prefer.

What is the best way to pack a laptop for shipment?  Put at least two to three inches of a bubble wrap around it, put it in the box, put an AC DC adapter near by (not on top of the screen). As soon as we get it we will work on it and send it back to you (usually within 24 hours).

Main symptoms of the bad jack? Laptop battery is not charging anymore, you have to wiggle / jiggle the plug / cable in order to make the system work. The screen flickers and becomes dim once the laptop switches from the ac power to the battery.