Q & A Power Jack Repair

It is 2019 we are still in business of power jack repair, power socket input port connector, charge port repair replacement fix.


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  1. admin Post author

    We do work with SCHOOL districts and computer services, we do accept Purchase orders PO orders. You can pay after all repairs are done and completed. Schools simply pack up anything you have there for repair, send it over, provide the PO order we will fix everything send everything back to you as well as an invoice, whenever your accounting department will have time they can pay for it. For local Chicago land schools and businesses we do offer free laptop pick ups and drop offs once you get 3+ to repair. Any company or school district within 25 miles of wheeling, il simply let us know you got laptops for us to work on we will stop by and pick them up at no extra charge. School districts that need laptop repairs from outside of Chicago land pack laptops up and send them over, we will bill your accounting (will send invoice back with the fixed laptops). There is no need to setup an account with us. Simply make purchase orders to: Applicasoft 710 mill circle #107 wheeling, il 847 529 9441

  2. Chris

    I have an HP CQ62 but am not sure if the power jack is dead or if the motherboard is dead. There are NO lights…nothing, not a thing when it’s plugged in or on battery and I have done all I can to try and diagnose this but it’s beyond my capabilities…so what would the charge be if you got it and found out it wasn’t the DC jack but it needed a motherboard?

    1. admin Post author

      The total for the repair if we would not be able to fix it is $0 basically it is either $120 and everything works fine, or $0 if it does not. So if the board is bad we will pack it up and ship it back your way, no charge for anything.

    1. admin Post author

      Unfortunately there is no exact replacement part for UX31 out there so we have to put a different asus jack in there and put a new matching cord/tip on one or both of your power supplies.
      Stop by we can tell you right away if it is the jack or not. The easiest way to see if it is a faulty jack is by: pushing the plug into the jack, if you hear a SNAP during the last 1mm of dc plug going into the jack, that means the jack is fine, if you don’t hear a snap and connection is somewhat loose then the jack isn’t making a good contact with your plug. Please refer to the video of how we repair ux31 laptops on our youtube channel

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